Telehealth consultations enable our patients who are unable to attend our offices to get specialist review and advice. This is particularly important if patients come from remote areas or unable to travel, such as during COVID-related lockdown periods.

Telehealth is ideal for consultations where photographic inspection is adequate, or investigations need to be planned or results reviewed without detailed physical examination.

In some circumstances, telehealth consultations can be partly or wholly subsidised by Medicare Australia. Please note that our staff will confirm your identity at the start of any telehealth consultations.

When making your appointment you can ask for one of the following options.

Telephone consultation

Where the consultation does not require a face-to-face meeting our specialists can review results and provide advice over the telephone. Any documents or images that you wish our doctors to review can be sent to us beforehand. This does not require any special software, and can be conducted on a regular telephone.

Video consultation

Where face-to-face consultation is requested but physical examination is not necessary, our specialists can conduct a review and provide advice over a computer video-link. This may be conducted using software such as Zoom or Healthdirect, and requires a computer equipped with a camera and microphone, or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

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